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Books by R.G. Yoho

Long Ride to Yesterday


 Seeking to escape the notoriety of his past, Gain Carson rode away from the Kansas town where he had earned his fame twenty-five years ago. However, the aging lawman and gunfighter cannot ride away from his reputation or the fast gun that rests on his hip. When he receives an urgent telegram from Nora McDonald, a woman he formerly loved, Gain leaves Montana and heads southward. 

Boot Hill Valley


 Boot Hill Valley is a funny name for a town. It’s also a Colorado town with a dark, brutal, and lawless past, a place which can no longer hire a marshal. Chance McBride, one of their former lawmen, is a man who believes he has lost everything, And with nothing left to lose, he foolishly turns to the bottle. But despite Chance’s drinking, he still hasn’t lost the love of a good woman, his wife, Amy. 

Braving the Brazos


A short story by R.G. Yoho, but well-worth the read.

Death Comes to Redhawk


The First Book in the Kellen Malone series of Westerns.

Death Rides the Rail


Book Two of the Kellen Malone series of Westerns.

Nightfall Over Nicodemus


Book Three of the Kellen Malone series of Westerns.